About Me

For those who believe, the power of magic surrounds us and resides within our souls. Like the Magician in the Tarot, we seek to tap the power of the spiritual realm and channel those energies into our physical world. We commune with the elements and understand the power of symbols.

At Hemlock & Roses we revere the wisdom of the ancients and use that knowledge as the inspiration for our esoteric line of jewelry.

I do not just make jewelry. I create conduits between the physical world and unseen realm through my charms and amulets.

Handmade in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Located in the high desert of Santa Fe, Hemlock & Roses is an online jewelry store offering esoteric fine jewelry.  

Susie's curiosity with charms and talismans, and interest in Spiritualism led to the creation of Hemlock & Roses in 2016.  

All jewelry on this site is designed, cast and hand finished in enchanted New Mexico.